My Super Investment Option

My super investment option

Your super fund invests your money for you. Most funds let you choose from a range of investment options, from conservative to growth. It's worth taking the time to check your options and decide what's right for you. The options you choose can make a big difference to how your super grows. MySuper for Super (accumulation) accounts. MySuper is our default investment option, designed to provide a good balance between risk and return and to provide above-inflation returns over the long-term.

If you don’t make an investment choice, your money will automatically be invested in this option. Balanced for Income Stream (pension) accounts. Manage my super Find a form Make a withdrawal Nominate a beneficiary Request an appointment with a financial adviser Changing jobs Top up my super Salary sacrifice We offer ten investment options to help you meet your financial goals.

You can choose to invest in any of the pre-mixed options as well as in the asset class options. 1. The investment objectives do not constitute a forecast or guarantee of future performance or the future rates of return of the investment option. 2. We may vary the asset allocation for an investment option from time to time.

Each of the asset classes may include small cash balances for portfolio management purposes.

Superannuation investment options explained - Ask the experts

3. To achieve solid investment returns over the long term. Compared with other options with a similar overall risk profile, RetirePlus is expected to provide some additional protection against key risks facing those in or approaching retirement, being market risk and inflation risk. PSS contributing members’ super can only be invested in the Default Fund. If you are a preserved member you can choose from the default or cash options. Default. Our Default Option is how we invest your money if you don’t choose an investment option.

It’s designed to take on a little more risk, for greater return. Cash. It’s designed to achieve relatively high returns in the medium to long term but is subject to short-term fluctuations in returns. As a super member, this is the option your money goes into if you don’t make an investment choice (our MySuper option).

More details on this option. Your investment options; a copy of the relevant Product Disclosure Statement and consider its contents before making any decision regarding your super. Commonwealth Superannuation Corporation (CSC).

ABN 48 AFSL RSE Licence No: L For super (accumulation) products crediting rates are the investment return less investment fees, the percentage-based administration fee (applicable from 1 April ) and taxes.

Investment returns aren’t guaranteed. Past performance isn’t a reliable indicator of future returns.

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Investment options Our investment menu lets you choose an investment strategy for your needs and preferences. The menu suits all levels of investment knowledge and experience. You have the choice to customise your investment strategy or use our default MySuper investment strategy.

By selecting just one option, or a combination of options, you can tailor your investments to match your needs and reach your long term goals. Important: Keep in mind that super is a long term investment and investment performance can fluctuate. With every investment, there are risks. When we introduced MySuper, our existing default investment option fortunately met all requirements for a MySuper product.

Does MySuper mean I should just set and forget my super? No, generally not.

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A product 'designed to suit the majority of people’ doesn’t mean it will suit everyone. For example, younger members may want to choose a more. Most super funds let you choose from a range, or mix of investment options and asset classes. These might include 'growth', 'balanced', 'conservative' and 'cash' but the terms can differ across super funds. Here’s a small sample of the typical type of investment options 1 available:Author: Sandy Maxwell.

Home; Investments; Investment performance; Current: MySuper / Growth MySuper / Growth.

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This is a diversified asset option with a medium to high exposure to risk. It is suitable for people looking for relatively high returns over the medium to long term who can handle fluctuations in returns, even negative returns, from year to year, and who won't be cashing out their super for ten years or more. Super investment options - where to invest. By Justine Davies Febru. Co-author: TJ Ryan. Whether you’ve been in the workforce 2 years or 20, it’s important to do a regular super review and as part of that to think about your superannuation investment strategy and mkmt.xn--70-6kch3bblqbs.xn--p1ai: Justine Davies.

We offer nine different super investment options that you can choose from. Or you can decide not to make a choice and your money will be placed into the default option called MyWASuper. Find out more. See Investments section; Watch Super Investments educational module to learn more. Good to know: You can choose one option or you can choose a. If you see your super balance decline, it can be tempting to make a change to a more conservative investment option, like cash.

But when it comes to super, it’s important to focus on the long-term, and have an investment strategy that’s right for your personal objectives, situation and needs. MySuper MySuper is the default option for members who don’t choose how to invest their super. You can choose to invest in MySuper, select from our other investment options or you can have a combination of these.

Our MySuper option invests in higher growth investments when you’re younger to give your super more opportunity to grow.

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Sector investment options. If you know how you’d like your investment to be divided among different asset classes this is the option for you. Sector investment options allow you to tailor your super to be active in only the areas that interest you.

Learn more about sector investment options. Individual manager investment options. Super members—the MySuper investment option is the default. Income Stream (incl. Transition to Retirement Income Stream and Market Linked Pension) members—the default investment strategy is a combination of the Cash Enhanced, Stable and Capital Managed investment options. Prime Super offers you the choice and flexibility of 11 different investment options.

You can choose any combination of investment options and you can change your options at any time. MySuper is a simple and cost-effective superannuation investment option for members who have not made an investment choice within their super fund. It is part of the Government’s “Stronger Super” package that is designed to help make our super system more efficient, while assisting members to maximise their retirement income.

With MTAA Super, you’ve got control over how your money is invested with a choice of eight investment options. You can choose just one option or spread your super across a mix of options. Each option has a different investment strategy and varying levels of risk and expected return.

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Pre-mixed options invest in a range of asset classes. Investment options When you invest your money it is pooled together with those of other members of your super or pension fund and managed by professional fund managers. Most funds offer a range of investment portfolios or ‘options’ to choose from.

The MySuper balanced option in detail. Legal Super Pty Ltd ABN 37 is the Trustee of legalsuper ABN 60 and holds Australian Financial Services Licence No. under the Corporations Act If you have an Accumulation account and have never made an investment choice yourself, your super will be invested in our MySuper Lifecycle option. If you’re a pension member and don’t make a choice, your money is invested in the Diversified Growth option (if you’re under age 75) or the Balanced option (if you’re 75 and over).

MySuper is a lifestage investment option designed for you if you don’t want to choose your own investments. MySuper offers three age-based investment options or “lifestages”. Your super savings are automatically invested in the option that suits your age*. Our default MySuper investment option is a diversified portfolio designed to achieve returns for members investing over the medium to long term. Tailor your investment options to fit your needs. Your super is your money, so it’s only natural that you want to invest it in a way that suits your needs, risk comfort, and personal preferences.

Lifetime is a unique investment option that automatically personalises your investment strategy based on your age and account balance, helping you get the most out of your super, at every stage of your life.

1 Total fee:2 % - % p.a. of your balance depending on your Lifetime group. Before you change how you invest your super, it’s important to understand the range of investment options available, your investment time frame and the impact of changing investment options. We’re here to help you work through your options and answer your questions about investments. Call Cbus Advice Services on Investment Option When you first join Rest Super or Rest Corporate, your super will automatically be invested in the Core Strategy, unless you tell us otherwise.

* Read our Product Disclosure Statement for full details on how fees apply to your Future Super account. The fees shown above are the total Investment Fees, Administration Fees and Indirect Cost Ratio payable for each of our investment options. Other fees and costs may apply to your account.

My super investment option

Investment option performance This table shows the investment returns for each of MyLife MySuper's investment options, for both super and pension accounts. These returns are updated monthly and include selected timeframes nominated at the top of the table. The investment objective does not constitute a forecast or guarantee of future performance or the future rates of return of the investment option.


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For more information on the methodology used to determine risk measures and the estimated number of annual negative returns, refer to Standard Risk Measures in the How we invest your money Member. We’ll invest your super in our default investment strategy, the Balanced option (also known as the MySuper option). For more information on the options available to you, visit our investment options or download our Investment Guide. If you’re opening one of our pension accounts, you’ll also need to make an investment choice.

You may switch options at any time. Investment switches are generally processed within a week of receipt. The Christian Super default investment option is called My Ethical Super. For more information about this option, view our MySuper dashboard, or view the summary table below. Investment options Choose from 11 different options for super and pension members.

Check investment performance For over 40 years we’ve been generating solid long-term results. Make a change You can easily change investment options. Balanced (MySuper) is our default investment option. If you don’t choose an investment option when you join TWUSUPER, you'll be automatically invested in this option.

The Balanced (MySuper) option may suit members who have an investment timeframe of 5 years or more and are willing to accept a medium level of risk and fluctuations in returns.

Help your super grow Make sure your employer is paying you the right amount of super. Make extra, voluntary contributions if you can afford to. Find out if you're eligible for government co-contributions.

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Know your choices. You can choose how your money is invested in superannuation. Most funds offer a range of investment options to choose from. If you don't change super investments, your money is likely to be invested in a ‘default investment option' which. The most important thing is choosing the right investment option While each super fund is different, they all have a mix of growth assets — like shares and property — and defensive assets like bonds and cash, which are less volatile.

See how our other investment options are performing. Balanced (MySuper) Equity Plus. The Cash Plus option may suit members who have a short investment timeframe or want a low level of risk and fluctuations in returns. The information below covers Super, Pre-retirement Super Pensions (TTR) and Retirement Super Pensions (Pension Account). MySuper is part of the Stronger Super reforms announced in September by the Gillard Labor government for the Australian superannuation industry to replace the previous default funds system with a new default system using low cost and simple superannuation products.

MySuper compliant products may be provided by industry super funds, as well as retail super funds.

My Super Investment Option. Investment Options | MyLife MySuper

Super Investment Management Pty Limited (ABN 86AFSL ), a wholly owned subsidiary company of Rest, manages some of the fund’s investments. Apart from this, Rest does not have any relationships or associations with any related body corporate or product issuer that might reasonably be expected to be capable of influencing. Our comprehensive APL and flexible investment rules mean you have the ability to invest the way that best suits you.

Members must have an appointed financial adviser to access the direct share option. Key Benefits of direct share trading with AMG Super.

My super investment option

Individual HIN for every member – CHESS sponsored by adviser. Ability to contra-trade on. Intrust Super offers a range of investment options for you to choose from: Core Super: Choice of eight (three multi and five asset-specific) investment mkmt.xn--70-6kch3bblqbs.xn--p1aiad the document ‘Core Super Other Important Information – Investments’ for more information about Core Super’s investment options. Executive Super, Select Super and Super Stream: Choice of 10 (five multi and five asset.

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